Pressure Care

Pressure injuries develop when mobility is reduced or limited when confined to a bed or chair. We have an option for everyone...

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Euro Ausili Hybrid Mattress


Available in Custom Firmness (S, KS & Q). The Hybrid is the world’s first 3 in 1 alternating hybrid mattress. Even when the pump is detached, the cells are still filled with air and foam, allowing the air to flow freely from cell to cell

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I-Care ActiveX™ Mattress

SKU: IC15, IC20, IC25

Available in Firm, Medium or Soft (S, KS, D, & Q). The I-Care ActiveX™ Material is always adapting to allow blood to circulate freely and to minimise pressure on areas of risk. It responds to pressure and temperature like no other mattress.

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K-Care Pressure Care Mattress


Available in Medium (S, KS or Custom Made). Low resilient polyurethane foam provides a fluid like support by reducing pressure points. Four way stretch vapour permeable waterproof cover reduces sheering, friction and moisture build up.