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RRP $3,390 - $6,590* (Depending on model)

The Luggie is the top selling folding portable scooter in both the USA and Europe. It’s simply unbeatable in style, build and quality.

Designed as a collaboration between German and Taiwanese engineers, Freerider Corp pioneered the folding scooter concept that all others have tried to copy. And with all Luggies, the option of a half fold makes it much easier for loading into vehicles when lifting is a challenge for one person.

Highly engineered, stylish “cool” design, lightweight robust construction, unobtrusive, and world class quality, this innovative scooter is streets ahead of all the imitations in its class.

Great for travel within Australia either by plane or in the boot of your car. Take it anwyhere – it’s so easy! And with eight different models, there’s bound to be one just right for you.

*For accurate pricing please contact us directly or visit us instore


The original and coolest portable folding scooter.

  • High-tech engineering and design,
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive,
  • Strong alloy construction,
  • Li-ion battery technology.
  • IATA approved for carriage on aircraft
  • Easy angle and height adjust handlebar
  • Eight models, all quite different, all with superior design and quality
  • Choice of puncture proof or pneumatic tyres
  • Pull it along like a travel bag or pack it in its special carry case


The 'Luggie' comes in a number of versions, compare the specs below to find the Luggie that suits you best.

Weight (no batt)Range Estimate*Maximum loadMaximum speedSeat width
Eco23.5 kg20km114 kg6 kph38cm
Standard23.5 kg12km114 kg6 kph37cm
Elite24.5 kg15-25km145 kg6 kph38cm
26 kg15-23km160* kg6.4 kph43.2cm
Elite Plus27.3 kg 15-25km 145 kg 6 kph38cm
Super Plus 31.7 kg 20-30km 160* kg 8 kph43.2cm
Elite Deluxe27.3 kg 15-25km 145 kg6.4 kph38cm
Super Deluxe 27.3 kg20-30km 160* kg 8 kph43.2cm

Download the AMS comparison guide by clicking here.

* Actual range can vary significantly based on terrain, age of battery, and weight of user. Carrying capacity based on flat ground only.

Specifications may change at any time without prior warning and should be regarded as a guide only.